Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ginger Candy : Very effective remedy for Dry Cough

Ginger Candy :


1 cup Ginger Paste ,

2-3 Tbs. Milk,

2 cup sugar,

1 Tbs. pure ghee.


First wash the ginger, then cut it finely into small pices.

Make fine paste in mixer, add some milk so paste will be smooth.

In a nonstick pan, combine 1 cup Ginger, 2 cup Sugar . Stir them on High Heat. Keep stirring till the mixture thickens.

Once the mixture becomes thick, now turn the heat on medium and add 1 spoon of pure ghee ,keep stirring.

Mixture will thicken in few minutes. Grease backside of steel plate or any plain hard surface with Ghee.

Pour the mixture and spread evenly to 0.5 cm layer.

Cut the mixture layer into small pieces once it cools down.

This is the very effective remedy for dry cough.

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